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If you are aged 8-18, then Corby Tri is for you. We have a number of qualified coaches that will help you get fit and enjoy racing in triathlon. Why not give the fastest growing sport in the UK a go?  Maybe you've done an event or just seen or heard of us, it's a great sport and you'll be joining a club with lots of other young people who are great to be with and love sport just as much as you.

Two of the key parts of triathlon are technique and fitness, so we concentrate on training you in both. You will develop your technique in all three sports as well as significantly improving your fitness. As well as this, we try to always make our sessions fun, so not only will you develop, but you'll enjoy doing it.


Swim training is on a Wednesday from 7-8pm at Corby East Midlands International Pool. The sessions mix technical development with fitness, and we always try and make our sessions fun, so there are regular handicap races and other fun activities.


We often get new members from swim clubs who say how good our swim sessions are. They will mix up activities, focus on your technique as well as fitness and always keep you interested.


Athletes need to be able to swim a minimum of 50m without stopping and demonstrate a basic freestyle stroke. 


Biking in junior triathlon is usually done on grass, and so we combine this with our run sessions on a Friday night.  In the summer we practice bike handling skills, mount and dismount techniques to save valuable time in transition. We have recently invested in additional turbo trainers and gazebos to allow us to work on bike strength, power and cadence over the winter months.

There is no need to go out and buy an expensive bike when you start training, as most of the races are on grass children race with anything from road bikes, cyclocross, mountain and even a BMX. 


If your child is showing promise or you want to try them on a road bike, we have a pool of loan bikes which are available to hire by the month or year.

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Running is at Corby Athletics Stadium from 6 - 7.30pm on a Friday night. After the October half term our session length shortens to just the 1 hour. This is due to how cold it is during the winter. Therefore, after the October half term our sessions will be from 6 - 7pm Our sessions combine technical drills and analysis with run conditioning.


We teach you good run technique, work on your strength for running and consistently build your fitness. We play a lot of warm up and agility games, as well have races within the sessions so you can be sure that they'll be hard work, but lots of fun.


We ask that any new athletes demonstrate an ability to complete 1 lap (400m) without stopping.


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